Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is Currency Demo Trading Bad For Your Financial Health?

From the time when brokers started providing free forex demo accounts, Fx demo trading has gathered a lot of attention. It is usually recommended without reservation both for beginners and for more experienced traders who want to test new systems. But is it appropriate for every circumstances, or does it sometimes have disadvantages? Could too much forex demo trading be unpleasant for your financial health? We will look at the pros and the cons of demo accounts so that you can make up your own mind.Firstly let us explore at what is in it for the broker. Why do they permit you explore their system, with their resources, for free? The main motive, of course, is that they are hoping you will register for a real account. But if you are a novice, they would like to get you making money on a demo trading account so that you get really eager about putting in your own personal money. If you are currently trading, they want you to see how great their platform is so that you will contemplate moving your account.There is nothing unsuitable with any of that. Practicing trading is a great way to learn. In fact, if you were to read a couple of books on forex and then start trading for real right away, pretty much anybody would tell you that you were crazy. So the main advantage of a practice account is that it lets you test out a broker's services or a system without any risk.The quandary comes if you do not understand that there is a differentiation between trading virtual money and trading for real. In your demo account, you are likely to take bigger risks than you would take in real trading. If you are lucky and do well on those trades, you could become overconfident. You could think you had mastered forex trading when really you were just starting out. So you put all your savings into a live trading account, start to try to follow the same system, and bang! The risks were too high, the stress was too great, a couple of losing trades and you are wiped out.So forex trading demos can be very helpful, but they have to be used right. From the moment that you open a demo account, remember that it is extremely critical to stay disciplined. Employ a system, follow a trading plan, make a huge attempt to operate as if that was your money. Subsequently move to actual trading after you can see a pattern of profits and losses, with an overall gain. At that time you can open a micro account and start trading very small sums. That is the best way to use a forex mini demo account account.

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